2019 Subaru Forester teaser.

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An all new Forester is just days away now.

From this teaser, it looks like it is adopting some small design cues from the Imprezza/Crosstrek with its rear lights sticking out a bit.

The Forester has been quite a hit for Subaru. While being the most boring design ever, borderline on really ugly.
So anything will be a visual improvement at this point.

They have sold over 177 000 of them last year. Only down about 1000 from the year before. And that’s for a model in its last year.

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  1. "Borderline on really ugly" Really? How do you figure that?

    Is it a stand out eye-catching design? well, No.

    Does it stand out from the background? Again, No.

    Does it have the wide-gaping mouth of a Toyota or the Cylon face of a Lexus? Thank god, No,

    So based on the above, I would say that it is bland, but not that it borderlines on "really ugly." Lets just save that comment for the Lexus UX

  2. Call it whatever you want, but it is a solid seller for such a small company like Subaru.

    Subaru Forester Ages Well; Scores CR "Top 10 Best Cars" 5 Years In-A-Row

    The Subaru Forester is top and Subaru brand is #2 in America among all vehicles owners keep longer than 15 years, not something you can say for the “egg van” or “ugly deep-sea creature” automakers…

  3. You people may think it's boring or bland, but guess what… it sells! The current model is Subaru's second best seller after the Outback. This new redesign will continue that trend and may even take over the top spot in sales. Between this and the new Ascent, Subaru is going to be printing money. Oh and Vince… in no way do I think any Subaru is "borderline ugly". I agree with the other poster above.. save that type of comment for the Lexus UX.

  4. Subaru will have another hit again with a new Forester model if they just match the existing ones looks. It is price right for what you get. Bland boring is good for buyers of Subaru. They are one of the only Japanese brand that still has a some what attractive front grill.

  5. Harry_wild…I am shocked, here I thought you liked that “ugly deep-sea creature” Lexus look???

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