2019 Toyota Auris/Corolla iM

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That is quite a good looking Toyota.
And a good looking car period.

Much nicer than the current version .
In Europe, it will come with a choice of a small 1.2 Liter engine, or two hybrid version.
Which will, in effect, replace the current Diesel models. ( I would guess…)

Let’s hope this also replace our current Corolla iM hatchback.
And that it influences the design of the upcoming “regular” Corolla.

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  1. Good looking for a Toyota… yes. But that is not saying much as it looks like a baleen whale with a squished face.

    If Toyota/ Lexus keep this hoard design style going too much longer, soon that the Chinese will be designing better looking cars.

  2. The current Auris is actually offered with same gas & hybrid engine choices. I don't think there is a diesel version.

  3. I didn’t think Toyota was capable of designing a decent looking car anymore. I have to say every time I see a new Prius or Prius Prime Want to gag, especially when it’s lights are on.

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