2019 Toyota Auris/Corolla wagon

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Toyota has been offering a wagon version of the Auris for many years. (The current model is the blue one above)
And it has always looked pretty nice. 
Competing in Europe with the super good looking Honda Civic “Tourer” wagon.
But it has been a while since we have seen a Corolla wagon in the US.
Since the new Auris and Corolla hatchback are now the same car, why not bring the wagon here as well?
VW has no problem selling us their nice Golf wagon. 
Just add AWD and raise it up an inch or two if that’s what it takes…
Which is what they have done before anyway. With the Corolla AllTrac from the 90’s pictured above.
Bring it back. 

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  1. Hot damn…. when was this? I was in diapers when this car existed, but that does look like a huge corolla for the time.

  2. They won't, they'll point everyone wanting a Corolla Wagon to the RAV4 to boost those numbers…unfortunately.

    – Fusioptimasx

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