2019 Toyota Corolla hatchback details

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The fact that we can even talk about “nice details” on a Corolla shows how much of an improvement this is over past versions.

This IS quite a stylish car. I think Toyota should be praised for really trying. Without over doing it.
Unlike what they did with the Lexus UX.

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  1. It is ironic, but high crossover demand benefits sedans, as carmakers improve and add features across the board with no increase in prices.

  2. As an owner of 2014 Elantra GT whomisnt a fan of the current model I could see myself trading in for this.

  3. Travelling for work, I've driven quite a few Toyota sedans over the last year. I was surprised how poorly they handled and rode in everyday driving situation. Even the Avalon. Lets just say, they had nowhere to go but up.

  4. Apple Car Play but no Android Auto. Still a half bake job, given the size and resource of Toyota. It's 2018 and they still they still have to work out the technology/management, implies they are still a mess.

  5. Weird, I just noticed that too. No Android. But it does come with Amazon Alexa. Not sure if that's compatible with Android phones or not…

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