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The all new RAV-4 is expected to resemble the FT-AC concept from last year (Bottom pic)
And it already does in the teaser released today.

This is a great design direction for the RAV-4. Bringing its visual personality closer to the 4 Runner is a good idea. It will make the RAV-4 stand out among its competition.
You get the rugged look without the rugged drive. While everyone else tries to look like a tall wagon.

I think this will make the RAV-4 even more popular .
How popular is it right now? They sold over 407 000 of them last year !! (Beating the Camry for the first time at 387 081)
Which is a big jump from 352 154 in 2016.
Quite an amazing performance for a 5 year old model.

This is almost crazy for the current RAV-4 to be that popular. That much more than anything else…

One of the big advantage over the competition is the super smooth V6 option. Which the new generation might not be keeping. Although Toyota doesn’t seem to have another engine capable of replacing it right now…

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  1. Vince,

    The V6 was (unfortunately) discontinued with the last generation model. The V6 hasn't been available starting MY2013.

  2. Vince, I love it already.
    The current CRV is a nice vehicle but when you drive one, the front, specially the front top fenders are huge, and one feels like yuou are driving a boat. My wife was the one to make that observation first.

    And I believe that most of the Rav4 trim levels with come with the Standard Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) and in my case, it is a most.

    I currently own a 2017 Mazda CX5 GT, but will gladly trade it for the new 2019 Rav4.

    Also, you mention that the Rav4 has a V6 option, not so, the last year with the V6 was a 2012.

  3. Sorry about mentioning the V6. As you all say, it is no longer available.

    So I guess it will use the current Camry engine for 2019.

    Weird they don't have an upgrade engine (Except hybrid) yet no one seems to be complaining about it not having enough power.
    Like people love to complain about the lack of power in the "more powerful" Mazda CX-5 (which in my experience has plenty of power for most uses)

    But most people seem fine with the RAV-4 power….(Which I am sure IS fine)

  4. I think we got the clownish Toyota salesman above dumping on objectively much better choices than the meek and girlish RAV-4

  5. This proves that the FT-AC concept won't be the next FJ Cruiser replacement; hopefully, the next FJ will remain a proper 2 door and retain most of its shape with better all-around visibility and a 4 banger turbo.

  6. I appreciate Toyota’s minimization of the front grill in the current Rav-4. Based on the concept, seems they’ve decided to enlarge the grill to and maybe bit beyond the limits of tastefulness. Oh well.

  7. Coincidentally, the Autoblog reporter made the same comment. “The current model is one of the few compact crossovers still available with a V6. While it would be great for that engine to carry over, we're not getting our hopes up.”

  8. These compact CUVs are basically rolling purses or giant baby carriages. Are the women driving them really looking to butch it up?

  9. Given how many RAV4's Toyota sells, there is definitely room for a TRD 6 cylinder version. It outsells the Camry now, if the Camry can get a V6, the RAV4 should get one as well.

  10. The earlier version RAV-4 has a V6 engine offering and since it is built on the same chassis as the Camry, Toyota could offer it again at not cost to them. Let see if that the case in the 2019 redesign. Honda cannot fit a V6 in its CR-V and being Mazda like in not offering the 2.0T from the Accord to protect the upcoming Acura RDX.

  11. @Doug F, your comment is absolutely sexist, disrespectful and degrading. No the women aren’t looking to butch it up, but maybe the men driving these things wanted something a little more aggressive looking and Toyota is responding to that market.

  12. @ DougF. I drive a RAV4. Male, 48 years old, no baby carriages or purses here. Maybe you can move out of your mom's basement and get a job instead of trolling with your obnoxious comments.

  13. My fragile friends, my point is that the current RAV4 is hugely successful with its inoffensive styling. I don't see the current buyers asking for more Mad Max styling.

  14. i believe Toyota is attempting to give a more aggressive muscular styling to some of their vehicles after being criticized for having produced too many boring, bland vehicles for so long. I think this newest Rav4 will be hugely popular with the aggressive styling to many buyers. Not so sure a v6 will be offered, but the new camry 4 cylinder engine, a turbo 4 option and possibly a turbo4 gas/mild hybrid as in the jeep wrangler.

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