2019 Toyota Rav-4

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This is a huge deal for Toyota, since the new Rav-4 has the potential to be the best selling car in the country. (Which they predicted years ago)
The current one already sold more than the Camry last year with over 407 000!
As I mentioned before, this new design is quite a gamble. But I thing thy really succeeded.
It is much mo re interesting visually. And the small 4-runner look works great.
Plus that blue/white combo reminds us of the FJ Cruiser in a great way.
They really thought of something for everyone.
This will be everywhere very soon. 
And what a lesson for Subaru. THIS is what a boxy compact SUV should look like.
It is possible to make something attractive yet very popular.
Power on the new Rav-4 comes from a 2.5 Liter engine with an 8 speed automatic.
Or a more powerful Hybrid version.

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  1. Liking the top two, the light green and light blue given their front end but the rest of that design yuck….too “ugly deep-sea creature” Lexus look. No thanks!

  2. I think it looks pretty good. Similar to Tiguan from the rear. Looks like they have more youthful and upscale ltd. versions. It will sell like crazy, and they will never break down, even if Toyota's generally don't provide driving excitement, there's something to be said for bullet proof reliability, which is more than many high end brands can claim.

  3. Really great specially in blue-white with that grille. Thank god they choose a 8 speed automatic and not a crappy CVT like Subaru.

  4. Why do you hate on the Subaru Forester and gush over this? The Forester is bland but this is an eyesore.

    Also, there is something lame about all these jacked-up cars pretending to be a rugged off-road vehicles. I've done basic "off-roading" in Subaru's, I bet the worst this could handle would be you average Detroit street.

  5. I love it.
    Much nicer than the Honda CRV and it should ride much,much better too.
    The automatic tranny should be the same one as the one in the current Camry too.
    Love the design and the interior in better too.

    FYI, I currently drive a 2017 Mazda CX5, GT loaded, white on white.
    I owned a 2017 CRV briefly and traded for the CX5. The CRV felt too bulky, specially the front looks and feels like a big boat.

    Also, once the Rav4 comes out, Honda will start lowering the price on the CRV too.

    I hope they add the blind spot monitor standard on the XLE and above.

  6. I didn’t like it when I first saw it, but it has grown on me the more I look at it. I think it looks good with the white and body colored roofs; I don’t care for it with the blacked out roof (a design trend that I really don’t appreciate). I do agree with you that this is a bit of a gamble for Toyota; the more truck like appearance may not appeal to everyone. To me, Honda’s CR-V has a more universal exterior design.

  7. this looks amazing… its going to sell great. Many people are in love with the rugged look and what not to go up against Jeep…. ego's are everything these days. On the design point, this is a complete 180 from what the going out model looks like.

    I'd get one….

  8. We all know, and sometimes forget that Subaru is Toyota owned. This reminds us without a doubt that they are related. Heavily. Not a Toyota in the sense of historic Toyotas.

  9. Subaru is NOT owned by Toyota.

    Subaru is own by Fuji Industries. Toyota has a 16.6 % investment in Fuji Industries.
    That does NOT mean Toyota owns Subaru. At all….

  10. Among all Fuji Heavy Industries shareholders, Toyota owns the highest percentage. A few banks also own stakes which have Toyota people on their board of directors. As well Toyota marine and insurance group Also own a stake. All in all, Toyota completely controls the direction of this company. We realize that outsiders of the these large corporations do not recognize influence, but all those shareholders are fully influenced and controlled by Toyota and the Toyoda family.

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