2019 VW Touareg teaser photos

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We have already seen the new Touareg uncovered (HERE).
So the pictures above are of the zero surprise kind.
Plus, it looks exactly the same as the T-Primce concept from a couple of years ago.

A nice design, but nothing that amazing or new. It actually looks a lot like a larger Audi Q5.

As mentioned earlier, we are not getting this one in the US. Since we have the “roomier but cheaper” Atlas over here.

Since VW still thinks Americans want “big & cheap” above all.
That might be true in some cases. Or used to be.
But I think it is the wrong approach for VW (And has always been)

People here who buy a VW are not the ones who want “big & cheap”.
They are the ones who want a German car. With a German feel and look.
Instead, VW gives us americanized products that don’t really feel European anymore.

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  1. People have always bought VW because they basically were "cheap German." Yes that limits their sales. But is the solution to become kind of a boring, square Chevy? They are erasing all the VW out of their new products except for the Golf.

  2. The new Touareg looks inside and out to be very luxurious looking. VW decide that it did not sell enough to have the Touareg back into the U.S. marketplace. It is asham that another model is held back from U.S. shores.

  3. The Touareg was always a great car!! Porsche underpinnings and better looks (inside and out) then the Audi Q7. Yes the base price of both was almost the same, but the Touareg looked better. And had the benefit of NOT being a Audi… hahahaha

    I think you are absolute right about VW's positioning in the US. VW has cheeped there brand value enormously here. At least to me, they have become on overpriced economy brand instead of the premium band they should be. Which is why no one bought the Touareg. Living in South OC you would think VW's would be more common… they just are not.

    Whenever talk about buying a car comes up at work, friends, etc.. no one ever mentions VW… ever.

    I personally liked the current (I guess now old) generation Touareg. Almost pulled the trigger, but couldn't justify getting rid of my car (Acura MDX). Now I can at 200,000 miles, and will this year. The new Touareg would be top of the list… but I guess not since VW does not want to sell it here.

  4. VW needs to give a lot of thought about what they are becoming. They used to have a tremendous enthusiast following, which is conspicuously smaller today. There was a point when everyone in my family had a VW because they were well engineered with a dash of sportiness. Today, the brand bores me. I don't believe that their strategy to become a generic Toyota competitor is the right way to go. VW, have a little pride in your products!

  5. That center console looks massive. Compare that to the RDX 2019.

    VW was actually in the past not a cheap brand in the US. Remember the Passat was more expensive than Camry/Accord. But they changed as a value brand in the US with larger vehicles but cheaper packaging.

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