A few more pictures of the all new 2019 Subaru Forester

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The boring design is one thing.
But that chromy vulgar face is really something else.

On the other hand, the interior is quite decent. With a really big sunroof.
And the rear seat does fold flat.

Otherwise. Why???

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  1. It also appears (in the last photo) to have an old fashioned center seat belt system – not a modern intergrated-in-the-seat setup. Note the possible belt at the top of the door, and the guide on the middle seat. Making it difficult for a passenger to use a seat belt is not in the best interest of the consumer. Subaru, it's 2018.

    I hope I am not correct.

  2. Looks great. Why so bitter? Get help.

    Post a photo. "I don't like it".
    Post a photo. "I don't like it".
    Post a photo. "I don't like it".

    Vince, when the next Forester post comes up, you going to like it?
    Las Vegas is taking money on this.

  3. i really like the interior photo showing the tan leather with the black dashboard….looks very nice to my eyes. I think subaru did a decent job with the changes , inside and out.

  4. The new Forester is now update and kept the same exterior looks as their current success model. Given the look of the RAV-4; I think Subaru will keep going do the road with strong sales!

  5. There is not a single gotta-have-it aspect to this vehicle! How is it possible with so many good looking SUV's available on the market (for several years now),Subaru just refuses to produce a good looking vehicle. I can't even call it ugly…it's just a nothing design!

  6. It's fine. It's a generic car you'd see in an ad for an allergy medication with a picture of a mountain scene. But the reality is, it's a solid car that has a little bit of ugly functional style. It's for people who used to buy Volvo 240's, before Volvo decided to become Chinese Audis.

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