All new Lincoln Aviator coming up.

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Lincoln has just released this teaser video for the all new 2019 Aviator.
 I am not 100% sure if this means we will see a concept or a production model at the New York auto show…

Just like the Aviator from years ago, it will be based on the Explorer. Except now, the Explorer is not truck based anymore.
It will be Lincoln’s version of the 2019 Explorer. (Which is also right around the corner)

It will be interesting to see if Lincoln will give it its own design. Like they did for the Nautilus (former MKX) which is basically a Ford Edge underneath.
Or if the Aviator will just be a “chromy” version of the Ford, with a new dash. Like the Navigator and Expedition…

This should mainly compete with the Buick Enclave. And upcoming Cadillac XT7.

It si great to see Lincoln recognizing the stupid idea of calling all their cars “MK something”.
As they are now going back to real names.
(Cadillac should put their ego aside, recognize their mistake,  and do the same thing.)

At the same time, it is really too bad they force this terrible/cheap looking grille on everything now…

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  1. Hopefully it will have it's own design. It is amazing that both Cadillac and Lincoln have neglected the midsize 7 passenger space for so long.

  2. The Bentley looking grill is not cheap looking that Lincoln on the current updated models. Bentley competes with Rolls Royce, both are the top of the ultra luxury vehicles that are not performance based vehicles! Lincoln looks much better and more prestigious now!

  3. I agree, while it bores me when the whole line gets the same face, at least it’s distinctive and easily identifiable as a Lincoln. I think the tails on Lincoln’s that are a disappointment.

  4. Glad to see that Lincoln is finally abandoning the ridiculous and meaningless “MKWhatever” naming scheme. 👍🏻

  5. It would be awesome if this ended up looking like a mini navigator (like the old Aviator used to be) I love the new navigator but it is hella expensive. Unfortunately, I agree that the Aviator will probably just be the renamed MKC. Glad to see them bringing back real names! Cadillac should do the same – just a rich-history of great names to choose from!

  6. The Aviator is NOT the MKC. (The MKC just got a few revisions and a new face for 2019. And it is not even on sale yet)

    The Aviator is Lincoln's version of the all new 2019 Explorer. A larger 7 seater.

  7. I agree. The grill is what at this point is helping Lincoln. The new navigator is the best product they’ve put out in years. I hope it is a mini navigator and not some other CUV looking thing. BUT I hope it has a better rear end than the navigator.

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