First pictures of the 2019 Kia Cee’d wagon

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Just like the new Cee’d hatchback, (And the new Forte) there is nothing original or even modern here. This is as boring as it gets as a wagon. I mean really…
The worst part is that it looks much less modern than the current one.

Here is the current, and really good looking, model.
The whole thing looks much more modern and original.
This is really sad for Kia…

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  1. I actually like the front end of the new gen better than the current version. I do agree that the rest of the exterior design of the new gen is a step backwards.

  2. Vince I think the new one actually looks a lot cleaner and more modern. It really looks a lot more premium as well. You're right that it's not very original, but I think the goal is be more premium.

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