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Ford has just released a teaser for an all new model. (So new it doesn’t even have a name yet)

This will be a real off road model, positioned bellow the new 202 Bronco.
So it looks like a Jeep Renegade competitor. Which is another great idea from Ford.

It seems their future SUV strategy includes their “regular” stuff. With redesigned Escape and Explorer coming up (no word on the Edge…) Plus an new EV SUV with a 300 miles range (Which could just be an EV version of the next Escape)
And a few more “off road” models. Like the one pictured above and the new Bronco.
This way they will be competing with everyone else. Plus Jeep!

I think this is a great “business” idea.

What do you think?

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  1. Looks good so far. It all seems so far off in the future, though. And no word on cars, Lincoln, or regular EVs and hybrids.

    I'll give more credit to Ford for actually producing future products than I'd give to FCA, but it's all kind of vague.

  2. There's plenty of info on the net if you make any effort whatsoever to find it. For example, Ford stated this: "Ford’s new performance battery electric utility arrives in 2020. It is the first of six electric vehicles coming by 2022 as part of the company’s $11 billion global electric vehicle investment."

    Those are bespoke chassis EV's, not modified gas vehicles.

    Ford also said every CUV/SUV introduced from this point forward will offer hybrid, PIH, or EV capability.

  3. i think Ford will sell a whole whack of these new Broncos. Maybe even sell a premium OJ Simpson Freeway edition in pearl white.

  4. A small utility vehicle on the RWD Mustang platform would definitely help Ford justify the cost of the platform. The vehicle in the shadowy illustration definitely looks promising.

  5. The Everest looks like an attractive, well made SUV. Considering how crazy the US market is about utility vehicles, I’m surprised Ford hasn’t brought it here already. Crossovers are essentially replacing conventional cars, so there may be room for crossovers AND traditional truck based SUVs in the US market (and any utility vehicle that falls between those segments). Unfortunately, the conventional car’s role is being phased out into obscurity. If market trends continue on the path they are currently headed, conventional mainstream cars will be almost nonexistent within the next five to ten years. You will be able to buy any size of new vehicle you want as long as it is a high riding utility type vehicle. The variety of the past will be passe’. Expensive high end sports car may be the only cars available in the future. It just won’t be profitable for manufacturers to invest in lower volume/lower profit conventional mainstream cars in the future. I personally think it’s sad, but manufacturers must concentrate their resources toward what will sell and keep them in business. 🙁

    Anyway, it appears as though Ford will be ready for an almost utility vehicle dominated market of the future with carlike FWD based crossovers and rugged truck based SUVs (and maybe a vehicle or two that straddle those segments).

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