Jaguar i-Pace EV US price

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As usual, it is cheaper than in Europe. Where is starts at around the same price as a XJ sedan, which is around $76 000 in the US.
The i-Pace will start at $ 70 500 here. Before incentives. (Which means around $60 000 in California)

That is about $10 000 cheaper than the Tesla Model X.
But the Tesla is larger and comes with the panoramic glass windshield standard (A glass roof is an option on the Jag)

EV range is about the same for both cars at 237 for the Tesla and 240 for the i-Pace.

Around $60 000 for a Jag is what people expect to pay.
It has the appeal of an SUV, and the novelty of an EV. I think this will be very popular.

 Sales start later this year….

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  1. I-Pace for the win.

    I would never buy anything with a panoramic windshield or roof.

    I wish I could get a higher end car/SUV WITHOUT a sunroof.

  2. Looking at it lists 'Fixed panoramic roof' as standard. I do wonder if you can close it since it only says tinted to control temperatures.

    The Model X range is 295 mi but not sure it really competes in terms of size or range. I'd say more similar to 3 with range extender. Also Jaguar thinks it competes with 3 looking at their 0-60 comparison video. But pretty pricey for this size and range. Should have been 10K less at least despite rebates.

  3. You are right!! I was checking the UK site a few days ago, and it is an option over there.
    But included in the base price in the US.

    I think this car will turn out to be a major nightmare for Tesla.

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