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It has been getting very positive comments on this site. (And others)

So here it is in motion. Inside and out.

Personally, I still don’t thing that grille goes with anything. And the interior seems nice, but actually rather uninspired.

A very flat dash with a screen on top. which almost looks after market. Nothing that amazing…

At least it seems a little bit better than the Continental. And also has a few less shinny plastic chrome bits.

Overall, this is a nice shape. I also wonder how much to this shape will be shared with the new Explorer.

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  1. I agree with you on the new Lincoln grille, Vince. It looks like it belongs on a train or big rig,not on a luxury SUV intended to be classy and sophisticated.

  2. “I also wonder how much to this shape will be shared with the new Explorer.”

    Judging by the Navigator/Expedition, a lot.

  3. I doubt this and the Explorer will share bodies/sheet metal…This Lincoln has fixed doors, with their E-latch tech from the Continental, and the Explorer would not use that. Plus the Explorer has a different design estic with body colored C plilars. The MKT and Flex used different bodies, I highly doubt Lincoln would change that now. The Navigator is low volume with aluminum stampings, I think they were conservative with their original sales estimates and played it safe to share doors with the Ford model, but as we seen, they were caught by surprise with its success as they announced plant expansion to make more once it went on sale.

  4. It looks gorgeous the Aviator Concept. I plan on buying one when available. Not sure about putting out the extra $8K for a Black Label interior.

  5. Why aren't the door handles in line with the chrome strip like on the continental? That could have been part of their design language… along with the Kia grille

  6. Lincoln has hit a homerun with this rig. The grille is really nice. The rear design is much more coherent than the horsey looking Navigator.

    Two things bug me… First, the door handles. With cars like the Tesla Model X and S, the Jaguar F-type, the Range Rover Velar, The Aston Martin Vantage, and Lincoln's own Continental, cars like this that still have conventional barn door handles seem very crude. The visual boogers of these door handles completely ruin the look.

    The other issue with this concept… the electric charge port. While this one looks great, it won't happen. It'll need to be a less sexy looking conventional round J1772 plug for it to be able to use public charging stations.

  7. I saw this at the NY Auto Show and it is stunning. If Lincoln can produce it as seen and price it right, I think they have the opportunity to take business from the German's and Japanese competition.

  8. Lincoln has the oldest buyers in the business (60?). I'm in my 30s with a family, and for the first time I'll consider a Lincoln if the final version looks like that. I hope they don't water down the production version.

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