Lincoln Aviator Concept

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This looks quite nice. (Although I still refuse to like that rille…)
The Aviator will be Lincoln’s version of the new Ford Explorer. But just like the Navigator, the Lincoln has its own front end and interior.
That interior is also a step up from the Continental. It seems there are less shiny bits and it doesn’t look as much like a cheesy Las Vegas hotel room. 
The concept is powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain, using a twin turbo engine. (No other details yet)
I am sure Lincoln will sell many of these. It will go against the upcoming Cadillac XT7. But also the 3 row Lexus RX. And many others coming up…

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  1. Do my eyes deceive me? An SUV with windows big enough to actually see out of? So yes, it can be done. Because of that alone the Aviator is a winner.

  2. A work of "art"! Extremely sophisticated and elegant in looks and plain beautiful. This is the vehicle I will be buying in 2020!

  3. Hi Vince.

    This actually isn’t based on the next Ford Explorer. It rides on a new RWD platform. Says so in the press release.

  4. Yes, this is an all new RWD/AWD platform. I have read it will also be used for the next Explorer.

    And there a rumors the 2020 Mustang might be using a shorter version of that same platform as well. And probably the next Continental. (IF there is a next one)

  5. I think this looks great. Not as Cross over looking as the other Lincoln alphabet models. Also notice that even though all the ford brands were separated that they still share a decent amount of styling cues. This and the Navi will help save Lincoln.

  6. This will be a huge hit and likely nip some sales from Lexus owners who have grown weary of of that brand's ever-increasing grotesque styling.

    A clean, elegant form with beautiful detailing. Well done Lincoln. They seem to have finally channeled a modern interpretation of the classic simplicity that made their 60's cars so timeless.

  7. Really beautiful. I definitely could buy an all new Zephyr with a similar looks and rwd. Wake up Lincoln!

  8. I wish they didn't do the tacked on tablet 🙁

    Other then that… wow!!! I can see this being a great seller. Could Lincoln be coming back from the dead?

  9. I really like this new style and think it will be a winner……Now if Lincoln could build these SUV's with gas mileage and reliability as good as Lexus, it would be grand slam!

  10. Thus is stunning. Range Rover look. Looooove the Grille. Well done. First North American vehicle in ages I would buy.

  11. It definitely makes you forget the rather unfortunate looking MKT! This will be the hit that Lincoln desperately needs! It is elegant, well proportioned, and beautifully detailed! Lincoln definitely has its design mojo back! Job well done!

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