More pictures of the 2019 Jeep Grand Commander interior

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 I noticed this car gets a lot of hate every time I post about it.
 I though I would add  more fuel to the fire by posting even more pictures.

This is basically the closest thing to a Jeep minivan.
I still thing people would buy it over here. It would compete with cars like the Chevy Traverse, or Honda Pilot.
People seem to be buying anything with the name Jeep on it these days, so why not.

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  1. I would consider it! I don't find it bad looking and with right engine – Hellcat; it going rock!

  2. Is it me or do the seats scream cheap quality? It reminds me of Ameerican Motors from the '70's. Maybe they'll have a Levi's edition?

  3. maybe because you post about it ALL THE TIME for no apparent reason? we don't need to see 8 million different interior shots.

  4. That´s why Sergio wants to keep Jeep and sell Chrysler and Dodge, Jeep sells anything it builds. Now, about this model, I must say that the 3rd. row looks claustrophobic when compared to competition, I think that the Buick Enclave is a better choice for most drivers needing a 3 row people mover in this segment. Regards!!!

  5. It gets a lot of hate because it deserves it. It's ugly, uninspired and filled with cheep plastic. It does not deserve the Jeep badge.

    In reality it's the new Dodge Journey. But in China the Dodge name does not mean anything. So that is the reason this exists as a Jeep.


  6. This would be pretty undersized here. Length is 191.8 inches. That’s several inches less than Acadia, Pilot, Highlander and over a foot less than Traverse.

  7. He isn't selling off any of the brands. Good lord, people need to stop suggesting that and starting or fueling dumb, unprecedented and uneducated rumors.

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