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I was just curious to see what the CDX looked like in other colors. Most pictures on the web are of that rose/gold color.
I think it does look quite nice. And it is exactly what Acura needs right now.
Again, the Lexus UX is coming out soon. And an all new Audi Q3 is around the corner.
I bet Acura US dealers are getting pretty anxious.

The good news is that Acura has actually filed the CDX with the US patent office on December 12th 2017.
I really think it means it is coming here very soon.

The only question is: from where?
The Fit and HR-V are built in Mexico, and the CDX is using a similar platform.
Not sure if the US factory is fitted to build this.
Or they could just bring it over from China. Where it is already being built.

It seems that Chinese made cars are more accepted. But that might just be because people don’t know where cars are made in general. ( I think most people actually don’t care)

We are getting the Buick Envision an  few models from Volvo. Also the Cadillac CT6 Hybrid.
And soon the new Ford Focus will come exclusively from China.

What do you think?

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  1. This segment is growing rapidly and Acura appears to have a credible and good looking entry ready to go. Acura would be incredibly foolish not to offer it in the US market.

  2. Love it. Superior to the Lexus UX which only offers all wheel drive in the expense hybrid…who was the marketing genius on that one, just like the flop Toyota C-HR…nothing more than a front wheel drive Corolla.

    Perfect balance of performance and mpg, Acura CDX and a true SUV. I’m ready to buy it!

  3. Patent filings are routine and don't really indicate anything about Acura selling this here. Many names are filed in the U.S. and never amount to anything.

  4. Yes Harry_Child we already know that you don't care for it unfortunately your assessment is incorrect on engine and performance. Then again, you probably drive an old Lexus. LOL

  5. I agree. Acura needs to get the RDX out and test response to the Precision design, then diversify it's product line, focusing on SH-AWD and eSH-AWD. I don't see the CDX distanced enough from the HRV it's based on, to keep from diluting the brand image. That and design are Acuras biggest issues. They need a $50-60k sports car. They need a coupe in the spirit of the Integra. They need a flagship sedan that doesn't look like yesterday's Toyota. They don't need more trash marketing or entry level unsellable product IMO.

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