More pictures of the new 2019 Kia K900 (K9 in Korea)

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Looking OK. I am sure it is pretty imposing in real life, since it is so big. But so is the current model.
I am also pretty sure it drives really nice.
The interior does look pretty great.
But so is the new Genesis G90 this is probably based on.

I just don’t really understand why Genesis would spend that much effort and money to create a whole new luxury brand. And months later, release a model in direct competition. From their other brand…
It doesn’t look sportier, or more luxurious than the G90. Just different.

So what’s the deal???

This is the deal:
The Genesis G90 actually starts at “quite crazy” $68 000.
While the current K900 starts at $50 000.
That is a huge difference.

In price, the big Genesis goes against the $75 000 Lexus LS.
Making the case for a cheaper alternative.

But at $50 000, the Kia goes agains smaller cars like the Lincoln Continental. Which starts at $45 000.
The forgotten Infiniti G70 also starts at $50 000.
A Buick Lacrosse Avenir starts at $45 000.

The $50 000 Kia is actually quite a good deal.
As it doesn’t go against the European competition. But brands like Lincoln, Lexus, Infiniti etc…
I think with clever marketing, (And maybe an even lower starting price of around $45 000), it could become a good seller in the segment.

You actually get more in every way, except the name.
This is pretty much the new TownCar. A better Lincoln than Lincoln was able to come up with….

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  1. I hate the chrome line on the rear bumper and around the rear lights, I think it would look better without that

  2. I totally agree Vince. The people who buy these cars are the same who used to buy "fully loaded" Mercuries and Oldsmobiles and Chryslers a generation or two ago.
    They want a big, comfortable, powerful car, but not a showy car like a Cadillac, Lincoln or Lexus.

  3. Are there any upgrades to the G90 (other than a separate and enhanced dealership experience) that would justify its price premium over a K900? Is the G90 more advanced or sophisticated? If not, then the Genesis dealership experience better be the most coddling and accommodating ever to justify purchasing a G90 over a K900. From outward appearances, it looks like Hyundai/Kia/Genesis are simply cannibalizing their own sales.

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