Mystery car…. (Or just the 2020 Sonata)

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Can anyone identify this?

I think it could be the next Hyundai Sonata. (influenced by the “Le Fil Rouge” concept) Or a number of other things….

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  1. Probably the Hyundai. The foam blocks under the covers and the big white paper on the window are typical of Hyundai prototypes.

  2. Based on the greenhouse, it looks like a next gen Sonata. Other people think it’s a next gen Optima because of the wheels. I hope Hyundai and Kia haven’t pulled another greenhouse sharing stunt like they did with the i30 and Ceed. The next gen Ceed looks like a rebadge of the current i30; they have always looked completely different in the past. Hyundai and Kia have almost always done a great job of ensuring that their platform mates appeared unique and different (with the exception of the ix20 and Venga). I hope they aren’t changing this practice to save money on car development since cars are rapidly losing market share to utility vehicles.

  3. Though their upcoming products are rarely seen in camo, might Honda be final testing the 2019 Honda Insight?

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