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We have seen the new Terra before, but here are some new pictures.
This is NOT a replacement for our good old X-Terra. But so far only for a few Asian markets.
And really, let’s hope this doesn’t come over here as a new version of the X-terra.
This looks a bit sad. Like an older generation Nissan truck. 
Sure, it is probably pretty cheap. And high enough to actually go off road.
But that interior. That bloated look. That rear seat that doesn’t even try to fold flat…
I don’t know. I guess I’m not a fan…
It is powered by the Nissan 2.5 Liter. And, for some reason, a 7 speed automatic. (Apparently, no CVT here). 

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  1. What was stated some where, This the base for the new X-terra, but since Americans need more luxury this will be redesigned for the US. Hope they fit it with, that VC turbo-hybrid system and the new nine speed automatic.

  2. It wouldn't be horrible if the year on the calendar didn't say 2018. I agree it looks like a last generation product and wouldn't be good to bring over to the U.S. at all. I believe Nissan is smart enough to not bring this over so I don't think we have anything to worry about.

    Crossover/SUV wise, for the U.S. I think Nissan's most pressing concern should be the redesign of the Pathfinder which is getting to be a little long in the tooth. Next would be a new Rogue to keep it fresh and keep the sales momentum going and last would be a refresh of the Murano since it's the newest of the three mentioned.

  3. I disagree, Nissan/Infiniti needs Luxury SUVs, they have enough CUVs, but the money is being made in the SUV capable vehicles, The QX80 is doing very well they need another True smaller suv to compete with the GX,RR-Defender. Terra looks to be the size of the GX, nissan could have 4runner competitor, Infiniti should make the QX70 a true SUV using that VC turbo-hybrid system and the new nine speed automatic stated earlier.

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