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The small Corsa is usually a hatchback only. 2 and 4 door. But it looks like the next generation will be offered as a sedan as well. At least in some markets.
(It won’t be a small Buick for China, since Opel is not owned by GM anymore, but Peugeot.)
The next Corsa is late as it had to be redesigned to fit a newer Peugeot platform. 
From these pictures, it looks like the “most boring small sedan design” has a new contender. 
So far, this looks pretty sad. 
Still not sure what Peugeot is planing for Opel. Since everything will be overlapping with Peugeot models in the exact same price ranges. 

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  1. These pics have been around for a while, actually before the PSA take over resp. annpouncement that the Corsa would be moved to a PSA platform; This very likely is either dead now, or developed is finished for GM (only) for China (look closely, the grille is actually a Buick one)

  2. It is either a Buick Of China small sedan or PSA used a Buick grille as part of the camouflage for an upcoming small Opel sedan. My guess would be the former. I really don’t think PSA would waste their resources developing a subcompact sedan for Opel.

  3. 'from what I heard clearly reading on some European car sites like: opel corsa sedan abandons the former GM platform and will not build on the same old platform GM Opel Corsa sedan is not real and from the sources of the foreign media of the Opel Corsa Sedan both hatchback will go to PSA Technical Platforms because they are Opel's new Opel owners since last fall and the tiny Opel Corsa will share their mechanics and platform with the next little Peugeot 208 and will have the same gasoline engines and new diesel engines French HDI and the corsa sedan will surely move to a new PSA peugeot platform and give up the old GM platform [General Motors] hope this and the next small Opel Corsa to be built on the same platform with the little peugeot 208 new model and receive the same French gasoline PSA and PSA HDI diesel engines and be fitted in the next Corsa opel with the next French Peasant 208 cousin motors with which to divide its plate technology and new PSA engines from it to be transferred to the next dwarf sixth corsa opel πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ sorry ''the car in the picture does not think it will look like it's bad luck that an ugly duckling say they will have nothing in common with Buick excelle sold only in China with its European counterpart will have nothing in common with the one sold only in China's European counterpart will be built on a new platform not of the former GM [General Motors] with its old platforms that gave it its divorce and separated from the Opel Corsa Fastback [sedan] car platforms and it will be built on a new platform of the French of PSA Peugeot New Opel owners with whom to share both the PSA Peugeot platform and both French gasoline engines and new engines on the HDI or BLUE HDI French diesel I hope however that the Opel Corsa sedan Spy to move to a new PSA platform and abandon it is genuinely the old GM 's old GM platform to really confirm that GM Americans gave the divorce to the former Opel owner only so the Opel will leave Americans alone to GM to separate from their Platforms and to leave the former Chevrolet Europe alone to return back to the Eastern and Western European Market from where it was banished I hope some former Chevrolet Europe will come back as soon as possible Back to Eastern and Western Europe on separate platforms and be supported by the French at PSA i hope to thankfull ' honestly I do not like the last of the opels 'are more ugly' drawn

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