Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept

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I think this looks great.
I also think this spells even more trouble for Tesla…
We all know a Porsche Mission E is just around the corner. A super sporty Porsche EV fastback.
Now we know that, just like with the Panamera, Porsche is also planning a wagon version.
It might or might not be offered as this raised up Cross Turismo version. But you can bet there will be at least a “regular” Grand Turismo one. 
Which is great news.
I think the super sleek wagon style looks even better.
The dashboard also looks pretty close to production ready.
Let’s hope this is what they have in store for the production Mission E.

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  1. What most analysts and EV producers seem to miss when comparing with Tesla is that people who buy Tesla buy a continously developing SW/HW technology platform. It's not primarily about the propulsion.
    Most others are still stuck in the "You have to buy a new car to get new features" of old.

  2. Tesla needs a new Model S with a significantly improved interior pronto unless it wants to become a modern "Hudson" and be only know in Automotive history books.

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