All new 2019 Toyota Rav-4 teaser

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 The quick new teaser shows how close the new Rav-4 is to the FT-AC concept we saw last year.

Toyota is, for the first time, trying a totally new design direction for their best selling model.
Which might be quite a gamble. And, I think a gutsy move.
The current model has been selling more each year. (which is quite amazing)

Adopting a much more “macho/trucky” design means taking a big chance…

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  1. I'm honestly shocked and surprised by this. Toyota is taking a huge risk by drastically changing the RAV-4 design in this fashion. Will the new design be able to keep sales going or will it turn off people and cause sales to tank? I'm curious to see the entire thing now and I'm sure you'll have pictures up once it's officially unveiled.

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