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Another new concept car with the word “vision” in its name…
This time from Indian manufactured Tata. (Owner of Jaguar and Land Rover)
Nothing earth shattering here. (And no specs. Except it being an EV)
But I think it does have a nice pleasant shape.
Nothing super original. But this would make a very nice looking compact sedan. (The Sentra wishes it could look that good)
Same thing inside. It almost has a retro feel to it. And I like the idea of that top horizontal screen being hidden most of the time.
The mechanics of it looks a bit clumsy (That huge cut on the dash), but I do like the idea…

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  1. The outside is nothing great, but also nothing bad. Just average and a bit forgettable.

    But I think the interior is kind of cool. Like the 1950's vision of the world of tomorrow. A nice blend of retro and modern. I think with a little refinement this would be very nice. And while I am a huge fan of Tesla, I feel their interiors are sub-par (especially the model 3). To me, this already looks much nicer (at least in these pictures).

    Speck wise (while nothing stated) it will be hard to beat Tesla (Porsche will have the best shot at that). But I imaging, this would be much more affordable then either of those (save the model 3). So, this could be a nice addition to the "affordable" EV market.

    The EV world will be be quite very competitive and compelling. I for one am quite existed about it.

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