VW Atlas 5 seater Concept

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Not just a rumor anymore, VW is working on a shorter 5 seat version of the Atlas SUV.
(of course they are)
It looks like, at least on the teaser illustration for the concept, it will get a different grille.
(What I am really hoping for is a new interior)

 The teaser above still reminds me a lot of the CrossCoupe GTE concept.
With a different grille.

That concept is from 2015. Yes. 3 years old. And it wasn’t that modern then.
And VW is only showing us a “concept” at the upcoming New York auto show. Which means a production model could still be over a year away…

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  1. Looks to me like a bigger T-Roc! I like it! Hope it the same size as the Edge! I going to be seriously looking to buy if it is! I hate the interior of the current Edge!

  2. I am sure the production model will look nothing like this. Why not just give us the new Touareg instead? Oh wait, I forgot the VW mantra of "designed for America."

    Yes, the Touareg was a bit pricey (for a VW). But I actually thought it was better looking (inside and out) then the Audi Q7. To me the Atlas looks and feels cheep. And if you factor in reliability/ cost of VW ownership, there are meany better options out there making the Atlas even less attractive.

    VW continues to kill the brand in the US. My first two cars ever (granted that was a while ago) were VW's. I loved them to death. And now I would never consider them as an option. Which in a way makes me sad.

  3. I finally figured it out. Now I know why the new VW SUVs and sedans are so boring and familiar. They look like what Plymouth would have become if it had survived.

  4. (Hi Vince, I am dying to know if you agree with the Plymouth comment… When I thought of it, it seems like something you would say as well.)

  5. Sorry, but I don't really see a Plymouth design….
    In the end, they were just 100% rebadged Chryslers/Dodges with a slightly different grille.

  6. This CrossCoupe GTE and Arteon are less Plymouth-y but having grown up around old low-spec Valiants, the current Jetta, Passat in particular and maybe the T-Cross and Atlas have the boring "car as appliance" feel that I always associated with non-sporting Plymouths… boxy with lots of horizontal lines, and and an expressionless grill. (always appreciate when a car design can articulate more passion)

    Regarding that familiar futility of re-grilling that killed off brands like Plymouth, Oldsmobile and Mercury, I think traditional brand loyalty is so dead now, that we won't see it as much anymore. (PSA excepted with all their silly van rebrands)

  7. The Touareg is much more expensive than the Atlas. This will be cheaper than the regular 7 seater Atlas. So much less than the Touareg would be.
    But the Touareg is for Europe, NOT the US anymore.
    And this is for US and China, not Europe. Anyway.

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