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While VW continues to tease us with these exaggerated illustrations of an upcoming Atlas “coupe”, they have shown a new model in China that could be the real thing.
(I mentioned this a few days ago. But these are newer pix.)

Of course, this is not a coupe. But a 5 seater, shorter version of the regular Atlas built in the US.
With a slightly lower roof.

Last year, VW sold about 27 000 of the Atlas. Probably more this year. So adding a new cheaper model can only help…

We will see the real thing very soon. So there is still some hope it will actually look better than this (which wouldn’t be that hard to do)

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  1. Exaggerated sketches aside, details don't match up. Grills and bumpers are different. Sketch has door handles along the side character line. Sketch doesnt have that d-pillar chrome thing though the angle could have made them leave it out.

  2. This is VW Thayron, a 4,6 meter long SUV that will be China Exclusive. It will be sexyer, sportier and a little bit more upscale option when compared to the Tiguan.

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