VW’s 2019 new SUVs

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 VW just had a presentation in China. Showing off “what’s next” for the Chinese market.
Which basically means the US as well, since we are getting the same stuff.

And that SUV above sure looks a lot like the teaser we saw just a few days ago.
I mean, exactly. So this is the “smaller than Tiguan” thing for the US too. Instead of the really cool looking T-Roc they get in Europe, we are getting this.
Something that looks like it came out 15 years ago…

And this guy looks a lot like that other teaser we saw.
The one about a smaller 5 seater version of the Atlas. With a “lower roof”.

I am sure VW is quickly trying to catch up to the surging SUV demands. In the US and China.
I just wished they would infuse a bit of style.

Most other brands are able to offer similar products in Europe and the US.
But somehow, VW can’t. They also claim VW US customers just want “big and cheap”.
When all they really want is “German” and “different”…

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  1. VW to me means heavy repair and service cost since I own a couple cars in the past and it was quite the same as German luxury brands in maintenance costs! To me; that said stay away!

  2. VW just seems like an arrogant company. The execs are always throwing shade. Their products are always new, but never different from before. And dieselgate. And I know too many people who've bought one and had it become disposed of bcuz major engine failure. Thats a 100% never gonna buy one.

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