2019 Audi A6 Avant

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I do like wagons a lot. But I am also not a big fan of Audi’s current designs.
So I don’t think this is great at all. I don’t think this is better looking than a Mercedes E-Class wagon, at all.
And the Volvo V90 is still 100 times nicer than this. In my opinion.

I  personally loved the old Audi 100 Avant from the 80’s.
I think it is still a much more modern design than their current stuff.
And so much simpler too.

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  1. To me the A6 is the most successful of Audi's new(ish) design language. I really love this wagon.

  2. I total agree with you.

    Other then the R8, all Audi's (and for that matter all BMW's) designs are so boring and predicable. I just get the feeling that they are scared to try anything original or daring. But I guess why bother, the sheep will just keep buying these cars no matter what just for the name and prestige.

    On a positive note, the interior seems to be improved (less bland gray plastic). The set up of the center console kind of reminds me of the new LR products. But nowhere as nice or classy.

    Also, I am happy to see they are moving away from the tablet mounted to the dash look. The Germans started that horrible trend, and now that everyone else has copied them (the latest being Lincoln and Acura), they are moving past it. Kind of funny (sad) in a way. I hope this means that Mazda will phase this out also. Its been the one flaw in Mazda's otherwise stellar designs.

  3. The current A6 design is beautiful! I love the A6 wagon but it is much more pricey then that of the A6 sedan.

  4. I do not like wagons and I thing they are a dead duck in the US market. However, Audi has some of the best conservative designs out there and this one looks attractive as well. And to my surprise, according to CRs, its reliability has been improving, something I am not willing to test yet.

  5. Miss having wagons and the 100 Avant was a unique looking car. Nothing is unique these days. Also, I know safety regulations have reduced greenhouse space but boy does all that glass look nice.

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