2019 BMW X5

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BMW is starting a weird trend where they are now making their SUV grilles as big and obnoxious as possible.
It will also be spreading to their cars. Like the “revised for 2019” 7 series sedan and the new 8 series coupe.
It started with the nightmarish looking X7 concept last year. And its now reaching production modes.
Like this next generation X5 (top picture)

You can see what I am taking about when you compare it to the current model bellow.
I just wonder if one day, even BMW fans will just think this is too much. Many of them might want to return to a more understated, classier look.
Imagine what these grilles will be in 5 years…

Head over HERE for more pictures of the all new BMW X5

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  1. People are still buying Lexus' with those terrible grills. These new BMW grills still seem tame compared to Lexus.

  2. BMW will sell every single new X5 and X7 they build. If Cadillac can sell that Escalade with the cow-catcher grill, BMW can do the same with this larger grill.

  3. These just keep becoming cartoon caricatures of themselves. With electric vehicles filling in the front surfaces and rendering grills obsolete, except maybe for brake cooling and cabin air intake, all these huge grills will look extremely dated within the next few years.

  4. Why are you criticizing only BMW? What about the gaping hood to lower bumper grills of all Audi’s? Look at the bigger grills on Merc SUVs. Larger grills are the tend these days (Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Cadilac, etc). Personally, I like the new BMW X5 grill. It fill in the empty space on top of the bumper of the current model.

  5. I don't mind BMW pushing their designs a bit. I know I'm the minority here, but BMWs have always been my least favorite luxury brand in terms of design. I feel like their cars have pretty much remained the same since the early 90s, especially the interior.

  6. I don't think the BMW larger kidney shape is that bad for the overall front end. The front grill trend is toward super big so; BMW just increased it 50% bigger. I don't see it taken away from BMW style or looks since it the same shape; only larger!

  7. I actually think this looks better than the old one with it's weird gap below the kidney grille. It's a much cleaner, simpler design.

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