2019 Chevrolet Camaro

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Just like with the 2019 Cruze and Malibu, Chevrolet has only released a few pictures. And no interior shot…
The Camaro is getting two front ends. One for the V6 and Turbo4 while the V8 versions get a larger grille.
And they finally made the tail lights look like Camaro lights. With 4 really cool LED ovals. Instead of that generic rectangle shape. (The should to the same with the Corvette, really. Or any Chevy model)
It looks like the V8 gets a new 10 speed auto (Similar to the one in the Mustang)
But not the other engines. 
While the 10 speed is now available in all versions of the Mustang…
There is also a new 1LE version of the 2.0 Liter Turbo. 
The current Camaro is a very nice car to drive. And it does look good. But most people in that market seem to prefer the Mustang.
Chevrolet sold over 67 000 of these last year. (Actually I thought it would be much less)
While Ford sold over 81 000 Mustangs. 

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  1. Isn't it silly to have two different grills for a car? I can understand if they wanted to designate a higher-performance model with something special, but that's traditionally been done through badging or blacked-out effects, etc. This just seems like it was an uneccessary tooling expense, like they couldn't decide which grill to use.

  2. Oops about that terrible front end!
    The silver one with body color bumper reminds me of the 1960 Ford Anglia, with that look of bad orthontia… The blacked bumper on the blue, has a similar look to the latest Dodge Charger… so unoriginal… this looks like a mistake

  3. As nice as the Camaro is, I still like the last Gen just a bit better. I sat in one of these, and the feeling was so claustrophobic, I couldn’t stand it. Sat in a new Mustang, and that felt “narrow” to me.

    I ended up with a Dodge Challenger! Best auto purchase in years!

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