2019 Ford Explorer teaser

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Here is a new 2019 Explorer teaser from China. (Top picture)

Compared to the real thing driving around camouflaged. And to the new Lincoln Aviator, based on the same platform.
We all pretty much agree that the Lincoln looks great.
A cheaper Ford version of that design could be quite a hit for Ford.

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  1. Yes it will be RWD and on the same platform as the Aviator. I think it will look more like a larger the Range Rover Sport with a big 3rd pillar just like the current Explorer styling. Inside should be like the F-150 dashboard I think which I like alot! It suppose to be release in L.A. Auto Show in November I think!

  2. Got it wrong about the C pillar and D pillar, it will be "up and down" instead of diagonal like the existing Explorer and Merecede MLE. I like this much better for looks!

  3. When can see more revealing pictures of the next generation Explorer? And, until then, when can we see slight changes to the current model in the 2019 model?

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