2019 Ford Focus active: Ford’s last new car in the US

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Except for the next generation Mustang, this will be the last time Ford introduces a non-SUV model in the US.
It will go on sale here in a bout a year, and will be manufactured in China.

They are ending production of the current Focus next month. (Which means there will be no new Focus available in the US for about a year)
For some weird reason, the Fiesta will be built for another year. The redesigned model has been on sale in Europe for a while and of course isn’t coming here.
( I just wonder who would ever buy a Fiesta between now and next year…)
The Taurus production will end in March 2019.
(Again, who will buy one now???)

We are not getting any other versions of the new Focus. Just the raised up “fake SUV” Active model.
While it looks like a Subaru Crosstrek, there is no word of AWD being available, ever.
So this will probably a FWD only car.
(Another big mistake)

As far as engines, Europe is getting 1.0 Liter, 1.5 Liter and  2.0 Liter engines.

While I think the Focus Active looks cute, I am not sure it will really work. Especially without AWD.
It will be compared with the Crosstrek, since it looks a lot like it.
And that interior is really not looking great…

What do you think?

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  1. Without AWD, who would pay any sort of price premium for it over a regular hatchback??

    It is just shocking to me that one of the world's largest automakers is chickening out and surrendering in it's home market with cars. ESPECIALLY since the next generation of all of Ford's car have already been designed and are on sale elsewhere.

    This is a botched announcement right up there with Sergio bashing his own cars when FCA cancelled the Dart and 200.

  2. I thought the wagon was the interesting model of the group of pics. This Active Focus will be a self fulfilling prophesy, like Honda of 2008 – 2016.

  3. I don't understand the new Ford CEO. Vehicles like the Fusion and Focus are built on platforms that are used for SUV's like the Edge and Escape and their Lincoln compadre's. I understand they aren't cash cows like SUV's and Trucks but Ford should of at least kept the Fusion with the Focus even if that meant shipping them over from European or "gasp" China.

  4. I'm really still in the process to fathom this decision…Thinking back at all the Police/Taxi Crown Vics, the Taurus, what are all the rental companies gonna do? US Ford cars managed to manifest largely as a cultural part even in my mind, and I'm German. Henry Ford is spinning in his grave…

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