2019 Ford Focus Wagon

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Yes, the new Focus will still be available as a wagon in most countries. But not here.
It looks pretty nice. Better than the sedan I think. And if ever sold here it would compete mainly with the VW Golf Wagon.
They could even give it the “Active” treatment. (Although the Ford “Active” modes do not have AWD)
I am still not a fan of the new Focus interior. I know it is not a luxury car.
But I think the current Civic is still nicer. As well s the new Jetta. .

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  1. (Although the Ford "Active" modes do not have AWD)

    The Focus platform can accommodate AWD (Focus RS)…the Focus "Active" would be very attractive with AWD against Subaru products. Note that this feature has not as yet been acknowledged by Ford. There is hope.

    Willing to bet Ford goes for it!

  2. It would be great if For brought the wagon instead of the hatchback. Most hatchbacks really have compromised trunk areas because of the sloping roof. A real wagon might do well, especially if it has AWD.

  3. I probably be interested in purchasing the Focus station wagon if it was offered in ST trim with high performance engine and transmission.

  4. If it was equipped with AWD, then it would make a nice alternative to a crossover. The exterior design is very solid and well proportioned.

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