2019 Lexus ES

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Here is the first official picture of the all new 2019 model.

And it does look like a smaller LS. Which is what the ES has always tried to be.

The new ES will be the only mid-sized Lexus sedan soon, since the new one will also replace the super slow selling GS. (Less than 8000 sold last year) But the ES could now offer AWD.
And it will be sold in Europe for the first time (Effectively replacing the GS there)

Lexus has said to “expect the unexpected” about the new ES. It seems to be a nice looking car so far.
Just like any other generation. But I don’t see anything “unexpected”.
Unless they are hiding a hatch or something…

We will see the whole thing next week. 

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  1. Lexus went even further in pushing it front grill design language in the new ES to even more hideous looking! Now it is laughable for what is original a business sedan has become a bold ugly looking luxury midsize sedan.

  2. There aren't many cars on the road that make me viscerally angry. But Lexus' do. They are hideous.

  3. Somehow that grill looks less Fugly than it does on other models of late.

    But my question is (I'm realize I'm old now at age 51) but whatever happened to car bumpers? You park this car and you now have faith that nobody is going to back into your grill when they are park in front of you?

  4. Steven M. Only new cars that have bumpers on them are police cruisers and SUVs unless you willing to spend over $135K get a MB G550!

  5. There was a law that went into effect in 1973 that required cars to be able to withstand a 5mph impact without damage. Whatever happened to that? I see crashes everyday that had to have been low impact and the car has to be towed. I can only imagine the cost to repair this if it rear ends another car. But on the bright side, crashing the front end of this would probably improve the way it looks, it is hideous!

  6. There is something rather awkward looking about the overall shape of it from this angle. Maybe it will look better once I see the entire vehicle. We’ll see…

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