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As you can see, this is basically a raised up Fit. With redesigned front and rear ends.
It is sold in Brazil and a few other countries. And not scheduled for the US.

But I think it is kind of cute. Since our market is crazy about “anything SUV”, this could find an audience here too.
There seem to be a little room between a $16 100 Fit  and a $19 600 HR-V (Base prices) for this.

I think it looks more engaging and fun than the regular Fit.
What do you think?

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  1. I think it looks great… but needs to be a higher trim level of the Fit… like "Fit Extreme" or maybe replace the fit, and have a low trim level of this to replace low end pricepont

  2. That actually works! Perhaps something like this could be the next Fit, instead of the sad thing we get now.

  3. Honda could easily make the rear design signature closer to the CRV and bring it to the US ising the HRVs AWD system.

  4. This is so much like the Fit that I really don't think there is room for both in our market. Out of both though, I think the WR-V makes more sense.

  5. If you look closely you can see that it is just a TALLER Fit with a higher front end! Everything else is the same

  6. They should bring it the US. Have it compete with Chevy Trax and Ford EcoSport; call it “Fit Sport” .

  7. Isn't the HR-V due for it update soon? I remember seeing pics here, and there were some big misses in the update: leaving the rear with the same light configuration; keeping the flying butress design in the center console (it looks cool, but I've had so many people tell me it looks unuseful or difficult to access the lower bin); not updating tech and dash. This could be a HUGE seller for Honda if they had a decent dash/ instrument upgrade and offered a sport and butched up appearance package, the way they do in Japan.

  8. The Fit definitely looks better in this altered faux CUV form! It also looks much better than the hopelessly awkward looking HR-V. Honda should absolutely bring it here.

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