Mercedes A Class L sedan

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This is the sedan version of the all new A-Class hatchback we saw a while ago.
The one pictured above is the Chinese market model, called “L”. It has a longer wheelbase than the hatchback, by about 2 inches.
(Which, I think, will be the case for all versions of the sedan, including the non-Chinese ones.)

This is really not exciting at all. It already looks pretty stogy. Almost old.
And not more modern at all than the current CLA. Remember the CLA? A few years ago it was sold to us as that “new small sedan from Mercedes”. The one younger people were going to buy. For “under $30 000!” And it didn’t really work did it… (They never reached 30 000 sales a year in the US)
Not they are saying the same thing about this A Class sedan.

The interior is the same as the hatchback. Probably does feel better than the current CLA, but still looking very, very busy. (Like the hatchback interior)

I don’t know. I don’t really see the point of buying some really small sedan from a luxury brand.
This will probably be about $35 000 with just a couple of options.
Same as a totally loaded Honda Accord.
Which looks better, has way more room, a nicer interior and will be much more reliable in the long run.

I guess that 3 pointed logo is worth a lot to some people. Still…

Oh wait! There is also a new CLA coming up! In the form of a slightly sleeker looking version of this A Class sedan.

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  1. I'm still trying to figure out how the Germans can afford to develop infinite variations of each model, while GM and Ford can't even field full lineups for their luxury brands…

  2. Looks like a mini C Class sedan! It got be be very small inside because I thought the C Class was cramp but this will be really cramp!

  3. Yes. Just for the three points star. I prefer thousands times an Honda Accord or a Mazda 6. This thing is a lowcost status, as a diesel Porsche

  4. Why? Because people go to the dealership to look at these, and drive away in a new C Class, which is only a few bucks more on lease.

    Nobody cross-shops an A Class with a Camry/Accord. The A Class is not a Dad-mobile.

  5. Mercedes should call this a C class … C as in Corolla, because that's about all the A class is, except the Mercedes is of lower quality and far lower reliability than the Toyota.

  6. The Germans can get away with it because they don't have full lines like Ford, Toyota, or Chevy do, plus the margins are much larger at their prices. It can't cost much more to engineer an A Class than another compact FWD sedan like a Corolla.

    I will say that Mercedes has been producing some pretty interiors lately. Let's hope this one actually feels premium.

  7. Harry, because the A-class is FWD the interior room will probably be on par with the C-class.. and this L version might well exceed it. If they do plan to also continue with a CLA in the US, the A sedan should be the L version as standard.

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