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I think the design of the new Focus is fine. But I am not sure it is enough.
There is a lot of competition in this segment.

I still think the interior is bellow average. At least from pictures and videos.
It already seems outdated. Plus way too many shapes and lines everywhere. There seems to be zero style whatsoever.
I thing the current Civic interior is just way more attractive.
Same thing for the Mazda 3. And the new Jetta.

I am afraid the new Focus will age very quickly. And Ford will probably blame “lower than expected sale numbers” on the popularity of (higher profit margin) SUVs.

What do you think of the new Ford Focus?

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  1. Not sure how you think there are too many shapes and lines…it's a pretty simple looking interior to me. I don't like the Civic at all. That's a very busy interior with different shapes everywhere and absolutely no symmetry in it's design.

  2. Looks Korean, but that's fine. It's pretty clean… But my issue with design is the boring interior.

  3. "Too many shapes and lines everywhere."

    … this is what passes for 'critique', Burlapp? Wow, too many shapes. Sounds horrible.

  4. The current Focus has a European visual feel to it. This is about as generic as any Asian car on the market.

  5. The interior is a mess and the quality is obviously missing in a segment where all the competition has upped their game. Interior quality and design is now a huge factor for buyers making their choices. The Focus might undercut rivals in final purchase price and Ford will heavily subsidize rebates and finance rates to move inventory.

  6. Yep, I thought it was just me, but many others agree it looks Korean.

    I just remember when the first-generation was launched back in the late-90s. It looked completely different from any car, inside or out. It still amazes me!

  7. Vince, I somewhat agree on the interior. I don't think it's horrible, but it's not great either. Unfortunately for Ford, not bad isn't good enough these days when most of the competition have great interior designs. The exterior design, I like more. The front does have a Korean vibe to it, but it's sophisticated looking enough and mostly inoffensive. Overall I think it's decent.

  8. Exactly. The interior is not that bad. But really not better than the current car.
    And it is not better than anything else out there. And worse than many other cars. This needs to be competing for at least the next 5 years.

    I think Honda came up with a great Civic a couple of years ago. A car that is still more than competitive today.
    And extremely popular. Just because Honda was committed to that market.

    While ford seems to be looking for an excuse to abandon it.

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