Subaru Crosstrek Vs. Ford Focus Active

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 Just though I would do a quick comparison of these two cars. Since they will no doubt be compared by potential buyers when the new Focus comes out.
The Ford is sleeker and lower. More like an actual car.
While, I think, Subaru did a better job at turning the Impreza hatchback into an SUV.

I think things are really a matter of taste here.

Not so inside.

The Ford’s interior is no match for the Crosstrek.
Sure, the picture of the Subaru is a top of the line model with leather. Still, except for the seats, all Crosstrek models have a similar interior.
And it looks much nicer and more upscale than the poor Focus.
It really looks like a class above.

The Crosstrek starts at around $22 000. Including AWD.
The current Focus hatchback is only about $1500 less. And the 2019 might be more.

I really don’t think this will work at all for Ford. And I suspect this is just what they want.
They will be able to claim no one wants anything but SUVs and trucks…

And, as I mention before, this will be quite a disaster for them. (no one else is abandoning the car business) It will only end up helping the competition.

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  1. Ford is way nicer outside – definitely more athletic. The Soobie looks a bit old (though some people like that).

    I disagree somewhat on the interior, Vince. The Soobie dash is way too busy for my taste … it has too many varying lines and lengths going in various directions and looks like it intrudes more deeply into passenger space. The Focus is simply more restrained and matter-of-fact, and my guess is it is easier to keep clean and tidy too as there are fewer crevasses and whatnot to go at. Subjectively the color combo of the Ford dash pictured also does not come off as upscale or sporting as the black with red details in the Soobie.

    Where the Ford will fall short of the Soobie is in the lack of AWD (if that ends up truly being the case), but bloggers' fixation with AWD is a bit at odds with what the general public might want. I can see the need up in the ice/snow belt, but once you get south a bit out of that AWD is more of a novelty than a need.

  2. I think the Focus looks cleaner and more modern, but the focus didn't have great reliability to begin with, and this new model will be built in China.

  3. The flat black plastic cladding on these types of "active" vehicles looks awful, cheap and pre-aged.

  4. This is a dumb idea for Ford. Give up on a whole segment in your home market. And when gas prices rise enough and/ or when the economy crashes, where will you be? Hyundai and Kia made big gains under that scenario.

    I really feel this will come back to bite them in the ass. This could be the slow decent into failure as a company.

    That said I think Ford should have tried harder to be competitive. Toyota and Honda are the ones to beat. But when Hyundai and Kia are putting out better product, you have to wonder as a company where you went wrong.

    As far as the Ford Focus Active. I think it will fail big time. It's not up to snuff with the competition. And defiantly inferior to the Crosstrek. Especially when they are priced that similarly.

    I bought my wife a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek about a month ago. It was the top of the line Limited with everything. The asking price was a little north of $33,000 (but got the down to just about $29,000 (which I was supersized at since theses cars just sell themselves).

    I've owned Subaru's in the past, and I can honestly say Subaru has really stepped up there game on interior quality. I am just amazed on how nice the new interior are now. And in it's class, I think it is the best looking and value. We could have bought a Merc or BMW no problem. But why?? The Subaru is just that nice. Fine… it's a little under-powered… but the wife is a Speed Demon, so I find the under-powered engine a bonus.

  5. Vince, I love the Crosstrek, the size and handling are decent too BUT, the anemic engine paired with that CVT, oh Lord. Dangerous really, you cannot pass a vehicle with confidence on the highways.
    I had a 2014 Impreza (same engine but less weight) in Denver Colorado, and a few times when we drove to the mountains, the Impreza had no power, awful and really dangerous. If they would add a small turbo engine I'd be driving one now, specially the Crosstrek.
    And the MPG are not the best either.

    So my observation as a previous owner is that, the Crosstrek is a wonderful vehicle but because the anemic engine I would not buy one.
    BTW, the wife was the main driver of the Impreza, and she is the one that wanted to get rid of it because she didn't feel comfortable driving it.

    Now the Ford looks really nice and probably comes with a small turbo engine, SOLD…

  6. The Focus looks better to me both inside and out. If they offer AWD and hybrid as options, they should do well with it. The Subaru looks dated to me.

  7. I am a Ford buyer and am disappointed that Ford is discontinuing all of their sedans. I thought that I would consider the Focus but seeing that transmission knob I will pass. I guess I’m old school but I like a shift lever and keys that turn. I guess I will keep my old Fords a lot longer now.

  8. Crosstrek is not sporty type vehicle. Focus is now like the Honda Civic hatchback driving characteristics. It will probably come in ST and RS models too! Crosstrek will only have on engine choice.

  9. Again, the Focus is FWD only, not AWD.

    And there will be no ST or RS model in the US. Only the "Active" version pictured above.

    I also don't think it is have much more power than the Crosstrek….

  10. The Focus is definitely the more modern and athletic looking of the two. Not to say the Crosstrek looks bad, it's just a bit dated and generic next to the Ford. However, when it comes to the interior, my vote goes to the Subie hands down. The Crosstrek's interior does look a cut above the Focus. The Focus also probably won't have the standard AWD and ground clearance of the Crosstrek.

    It's a shame the Crosstrek is only offered with one under-powered engine. I would love to buy another, but the anemic FB motor as the only option is a deal breaker for me. I may look into the Focus Active as a replacement when it comes time to trade my 2016 Crosstrek. That is unless Subaru comes to it's senses and offers a turbo in the Crosstrek within the next couple years.

  11. If Ford wanted to create a proper competitor to the Crosstrek, then it should have applied an adequately raised ride height, tough looking cladding, and available AWD to the new gen Focus Wagon. There isn’t much about this Focus Active hatchback that truly competes with the Crosstrek. It doesn’t appear to have the ride height, appearance, or available AWD to make it competitive.

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