Taurus still alive for 2018!

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I was just reading that Ford was getting ready to cancel the Taurus and the Fiesta.
We knew about the Fiesta, since they had already mentioned year the new one currently sold in Europe would not be sold over here.
But the Taurus?? I though this was out of production years ago!

I guess not. Here is what I found on the US Ford site: the 2018 Taurus.
Not sure why anyone would get one for that much money since there must be so many slightly used ones around for so much less.
Although technically, $27 690 is really not bad for such a large sedan with a standard V6
(Its main competitor, the Chevrolet Impala starts at about $200 more for a 4 cylinder.)

And it is still pretty nice looking, inside and out.

But there IS a new one. The 7th generation has been out since 2015.
Only in China….

The “new” Taurus has been in production since 2015. In China.
Where larger sedans are still more popular than here. At least for a while…

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  1. "But there IS a new one. The 7th generation has been out since 1996.
    Only in China…." Not sure we would want a 1996-era replacement for 2019! Seriously though, I have found brochures at the Ford dealership for both the 2018 Taurus and Fiesta, so they aren't officially off the rolls yet.

  2. Anonymous said…
    Since 1996> Vince go home, you're drunk!

    Hey Anonymous, Vince is correct, or pretty damn close to correct. The current Taurus rides on Ford's D3 platform, and per wankipedia … "the D3 platform is derived from the 1998-2016 Volvo P2 architecture (designed prior to the 1999 acquisition of Volvo by Ford)."

    Ford's current Taurus is riding on a 20 year old Volvo platform, plain and simple.

  3. Surprising that this model is still alive with zero marketing for years. I probably drove a car fleet one, oh,may be 20 years ago and I remember it as a nice appliance. I wonder how it feels now.I will check a review out there, not that it matters.

  4. Perhaps you are forgetting that Ford sells about 10,000 Taurus units per year as the Police Interceptor Vehicle. With the new Explorer (and Lincoln Aviator) going rear wheel drive this coming January, the days of the FWD/AWD Taurus are probably coming to an end, as they are produced on the same (Chicago) production line. The new RWD Explorer should make quite the improvement in its police model. Ford will replace the Taurus PPV with the new Fusion hybrid police model.

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