2019 Acura RDX pricing

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The all new Acura RX starts at $37 300. Which is about $1300 more than the previous version.
(Not including a $995 destination fee)
The “base” model already includes the panoramic sunroof, 19 inch wheels, 272HP 2.0 Liter turbo and 10 speed automatic.
For $3200 more you gat the Technology package which includes front/rear sensors, blind spot info system, leather seats and upgraded stereo.
(This will probably be the most popular remodel)
A base BMW x3 starts at $41 000. 
A base Mercedes GLC sarts at about the same price.
The new Infiniti QX50 is a bit cheaper at $36 500.
The smaller Lexus NX starts at $36 000. 
So it looks like the new Acura is priced very well. 
Having driven the 2.0Liter Turbo/10 speed combo in the Accord, I can say this is one of the best powertrain around.
So the new RDX should be quite a fun drive.
Bellow is a detailed list of the pricing. 
(Click on the picture to enlarge it. )

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  1. The tech package also adds navigation which I think is the most expensive component in that package.

  2. Honda needs to fire its “designers” – I’d love to know what their design philosophy is other than haphazard.

  3. As far as styling goes, it's so better looking than anything Acura has done in 10 years it's almost breathtaking.
    The last 10 years for Acura have been a styling birdbeak-blackhole. Although this Penta-Diamond grille is still somewhat polarizing, I'd consider buying it.

  4. The version with the ridiculous name "A-Spec is a fine looking machine. On my list to consider. But, they need to do away with all these silly names trying to describe every single version of what they offer. Imagine when the type S comes out. They are running out of space to put it on the body….

  5. The new RDX is a step back in terms of looks and technologies. With a true touchpad instead of a touchscreen interface, crazy looking center console and an outdated floating roof design. Looks very cheap looking. The A-Spec model looks much better but still not that attractive with the wide big pentagon grill.

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