2019 BMW 8 series

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These are just sent to me. 
Not sure if they are the real thing or not. But if they’re not, they are probably 99% close to reality.
We have now seen so many spy photos of the new 8 series, and the seem to match.
So zero surprise here. 
It is a toned down version of the concept. (And kind of looks like a fancy Mustang.) 
Otherwise, I am not sure it will be more popular than the current 6 series coupe.
It is basically the same thing with a new name, for even more money…

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  1. Finally, someone else besides me has said it…. Yes, I agree, Vince, it looks like a fancy Mustang (just imagine the aftermarket tuner mustang tuner kit with Bimmer knock-off front and rear add-ons)

    Thinking 50 yrs ago, pitting a BMW 3.0 CS against a Mustang would have produced abject disdain from the fans from each side if they had been declared similar…

  2. That top picture could look like the Lexus coupe if the Lexus front end were grafted onto it. I can see your reference to the Mustang in the lower pic.

  3. (Even 20 yrs ago comparing an 8 series with the Mustang would get pained groans… at least the current Mustang is a much better car than what they were in the past)

  4. the car is boring. the face is grotesque.

    why make this car? does anyone care whether it is built or not?


  5. Someone definitely needs to grab the reins over at bmw. These designs are a bit too crazy. Like a modern day bangle

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