2019 Chevrolet Blazer

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While GM claims they are not getting rid of their cars anytime soon, they are still adding more SUVs to their portfolio.
The new Blazer will be larger than the Equinox, but still a 5 seater.
So probably a based on the GMC Acadia?

The design looks more upright and “trucky” than the Traverse or Equinox. (The a-pillar/roof section seems pretty squared off)
And you can already see that double split headlight design so many people love to hate.
Similar to the previous Cherokee and many new Hyundai SUVs. (And current Citroen designs)

Head over HERE for many more pictures. 

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  1. The new Blazer is very well camouflaged but you can tell that it most squared shape and pretty nice! Still hard to make a judgement with that much covering it.

  2. The split light look needs to die already! Wonder if they will use the "Trailblazer" name instead of "Blazer".

  3. I think Blazer, not trailblazer since it not built for off road. It based off of the Acadia and XT5 models!

  4. Hey Harry.. since when does not being built for "off road" have any bearing on a vehicle name? Just look over at FCA and the Cherokee. The original Cherokee was built for off road, the modern day one.. not so much.

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