2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

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As you can see, nothing major. (2019 one on top)
Just a new grill/lights/bumper combo. 
The crazy overpowered Hellcat is just a cheap way to get the Dodge brand in the news without any real new model.
And a new plastic trim for the next year is just a way to keep the zombie brand on life support.
Not sure if the other Charger models will also get a revised front end or not.
But the current design is already 7 years old. (facelifted for 2015)  With no new one in sight.
As a matter of fact, there are no new Dodge model in sight. At all….

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  1. I'm amazed there are 16 different Challenger models/trims ranging in MSRP from $27,295 for the SXT to the $84,995 SRT Demon.

  2. I spotted a brand new Dodge Journey on the road today. I didn't realize that it was still in production. IIRC, the Journey didn't get the best reviews.

  3. The Charger Hellcat is only available as a RWD model. You would think with the step up in torque, that AWD would also be an option!

  4. I wonder what Dodge and Chrysler designers do all day…got to be the easiest job in the world! Hmmmmm, lets cut a hole in the grill of the car for the blower. BOOM – INNOVATION!

    How old are the bones of this car now? 12 years? With a gussied up refresh in 2011 to bring it to 2008 refinement standards?

    Such a shame. Just a brutal way to end what could have been two exceptionally promising car divisions. I wonder what stage of Sergio's '5 year plan' these brands are?

  5. Charger is certainly selling much better than Tarus! Better than Impala too! Who would have thought 30 years ago that Chrysler 300 would live on long after the death of Electra/Park avenue & every Pontiac & Olds & Mercury & Ford Sedan!

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