2019 Jeep Wrangler Pick-up

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I know, this isn’t really new. We have seen it before.
And we all know a pick-up version of the new Wrangler is coming up pretty soon.

But this is a new picture of it. So why not….

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  1. Looking to see if Jeep will have back the Scambler, a single cab short box pickup they made back in the 1980s? It was around 190" long I think. If so, I might get one. Otherwise, a 215"- 225" Jeep pickup just to long and that is full size length.

  2. This Jeep pickup, the mid-engine "Corvette" and the next GT500 seem to all be perpetual prototypes, like every Toyota sports car ever made. Honestly what is taking so long?

  3. Doug, what's taking so long is that the Jeep pickup will be built at the old Jeep factory in Toledo. That factory is wrapping-up production of the '06-18 (JK) Wrangler, and needs to be re-tooled.

    The new Wrangler (JL) is also built in Toledo, but in a different factory.

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