2019 Lincoln Aviator

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This is great news for people who likes the concept (bellow pic)
It looks like the production model will look just like that concept.

The concept has been very well received, and the production version should prove to be quite a hit for Lincoln.
With big profits too boot, since this will basically be a luxury version of the all new Explorer.
And will have to be priced above the Nautilus (itself an updated $40 000 MKX)

It will compete with the $44 000 Acura MDX, the $48 000 Lexus RX-L and others.
But especially with the upcoming all new Cadillac XT6

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  1. What’s crazy is how all the ford brands that were purchased by other companies all take designs from eachother. Minus the chintzy chromed-plastic’s it could pass for a Range Rover.

  2. Vincent, your headline shows "Navigator", however your text and photos show/describe the new Lincoln "Aviator".

    I saw the Aviator concept at the NYIAS recently, and judging by the crowds around it, Lincoln has a tremendous hit on its hands.

  3. Hey Vince, are you sure you don't mean Aviator, the Navigator has always been a full size SUV, sharing a chassis with the Ford Expedition.

  4. I'm not a huge Lincoln fan but sat in this at the NY auto show and was very impressed. Interior is beautiful.

  5. The title should read "Lincoln Aviator". Hopefully Lincoln keeps it as close to the concept as possible.

  6. I think you mean Aviator instead of Navigator. But yes, it's great to see this look mostly like the concept model. Should be a great seller and profit driver for Ford.

  7. "It will compete with the $44 000 Acura MDX, the $48 000 Lexus RX-L and others." I think this might be the base price but a full loaded version will be close to $110K with the black label. It suppose to compete with the Range Rover and Mercedes GLS!

  8. The U625 Aviator was designed up to 2 years ago, in order to meet the requirements to engineer the new CD6 ahead of Jan 2019 Job 1. The styling was a done deal a LONG time ago. Why are any of you surprised it doesn't deviate from the concept?

    It has been said millions of times, the "concept" was pretty much the production model with some extra trimmings and glitz. Pretty standard fare for "concepts" nowadays anyway.

    Already designed production model = spiffied up for auto show = "Concept"

    Management deliberately withheld public testing of prototypes until showcase of Aviator at NYIAS. Same deal with Navigator in 2016 and Continental in 2015.

    Think back to January 2015 with the 2017 Raptor and 2017 GT, being shown early. Pretty much the same thing here.

  9. guys, can y'all come up with an original comment? I'm pretty sure he got it, after the first comment, geeez

  10. I love the overall design. It kind of translates typical old school american design into modernism, into the SUV era. And it stands out with its own personality and style.

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