2020 Ford Escape interior

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The top picture is the all new Escape interior.
And, when compared to the new 2019 Focus, it looks very similar.
(Except of course the Escape pictured here has the base model tiny screen)
Even the door handles are exactly the same. So is the steering wheel.

The new Focus interior, at least in pictures, seems to be one of the worst in its class.
Adopting the same (or almost the same) design for the Escape might be saving money, but it is also a terrible idea.
It seems that Ford has had plenty of these lately. Short sighted and greedy cost saving moves.
They just don’t seem to care…

I also hear there will not be a new Mustang for 2020 or 2021. Sure, Ford is keeping it alive. But apparently, the idea is to keep the current model for many years to come.
(to probably finally kill it forever claiming poor sales after 10 years of the same design)

That would be very sad and I just hope the rumor is wrong…

Head over HERE for more pictures of the 2020 Ford Escape

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  1. I wouldn't expect an all-new Mustang in 2020. That's not how Ford rolls. You just got an all-new Mustang for 2015, so you'll get a heavy refresh in 2020 and then a mild one in 2023, then a new car in 2025. The Mustang seems to have always been on a 10 year cycle – at least in my lifetime.

  2. First of all, this is not the new Escape. It's a smaller Focus-based small SUV that was announced a while ago. The Escape is also based on the Focus-platform, but will be a bit bigger.
    Second: Ford may be culling its gasoline based sedans in the US, other vehicles will come. More SUV's and electric cars. Most carmakers will be doing this. Get used to it. Change is coming to the car industry.
    Third: I know this is your blog, and you're entitled to your opinion of course. Personally, I love the new Focus' interior. The tablet-setup makes the most sense. High up and within reach. There is a reason most car makers are going this route. Might as well get used to it, and stop judging the new Focus just because you don't love the tablet.

  3. Many car makers don't have the tablet so obvious and found a way to do it much better. Like Honda in the Civic and Accord. The way Ford choses to do it is just the cheapest way.
    The tablet isn't the only ugly thing. I think the interior in general is pretty terrible. the tablet is just a the icing on a very sour cake.

  4. Me again.
    Don’t think the Focus tablet looks cheap at all. They make it as small as possible for the screen size. The rest has been favorably recieved aw well. At least in Europe by journalists who have already sat in the car. It’s light, it’s airy, it’s not so heavy handed as it was.
    And to be honest, you do seem to go on quite a bit about every tablet construction in new car interiors. But to me, it makes the most sense to put it there.
    And, again, this is not the Escape replacement!

  5. @ Doug F

    Your opinion about the Mustang lifecycle in "your lifetime" and "how Ford rolls" doesn't mean much of anything, as product plans had the S550 Mustang being replaced for MY 2021 with the S650. Otherwise they wouldn't have refreshed it after 3 years in 2017, so your 2020 refresh idea was NOT "planned all along".

    Alan Mulally highlighted that he didn't want Fords to have 10+ year life cycles anymore and much of the same was wanted by his successor Mark Fields, hence pushing forward a Mustang redesign to MY 2021 in CY 2020 from 2022 (MY 2023). Otherwise, the Mustang would've remained aesthetically unchanged until MY 2020, with only very minor changes for MY 2018 regarding 10-speed.

    This was reported many times during 2014-17 and it is you being plain obtuse, as if it was not mentioned that the S550 life-cycle would be shorter than past cars (disclosed pre-facelift). Only because of Jim Hackett, has that changed within the last few months and been possibly botched entirely, leaving room for it to die.

    So again, your theory of past Mustangs has no relevance to these regressive developments to botch S650/D6 Mustang and only that of Hackett's and Ford executive boards'. I plainly do not care if past Mustangs ran 10-15 years, when clearly they were intent on changing that to 6-8 years, until one lousy furniture maker got ahold of the wheel and thought he could do a second refresh for a short term profit grab and leave things up in the air.

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