All new VW Tharu

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This could very well be a top contender for the “least original SUV design” award. 
A mix of everything else out there. A smaller Tiguan with an Atlas front end.
How lazy…
This new “smaller than Tiguan” VW SUV is the Chinese version. But we are supposed to also be getting something that size from VW in the US.
And it will probably be the same model, with another name.
(The Chinese model pictured here is offered with a choice of a 1.2 Liter Turbo or a larger 1.4 Liter. With a 7 speed auto. )
It just looks like a Tiguan. So I am not sure why they don’t just send us over the shorter 5 seater version of the Tiguan.
And again, why this when they sell the cool/much nicer looking T-Rock in Europe (???)

As you can see, it looks really close to the Seat Ateca.
But the rear quarters are different. And so are the hood and front fenders. So they are not the same cars.

It just boggles the mind why they have so many models looking so similar. But yet different.
How efficient can that really be???

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  1. The SWB Tiguan — easily one of the best looking vehicles in its class — would be a far better choice than this.

  2. Ateca its on MQB platform like Leon and Golf. Tharu is on MQB-A0 like Seat Arona, VW Polo and Seat Ibiza.

  3. I agree with the SWB Tiguan. Very easily one of the best Lookers in it's class, and we don't get it in the U.S….sad

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