Chevrolet Bolt EV test drive coming up

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Just got a new Chevrolet Bolt EV for a week.

I am really curious about this car. And I am pretty excited to be driving this.
As usual, fell free to ask any questions you might have…

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  1. As a Bolt owner, I would like to see how you like the one pedal driving, using the "L" mode. It changes the drive mode to act as automatic regeneration / deceleration when you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal. I use it all of the time, and it is a spoiler.

    I recently went on a trip, and rented a Suburban, and almost ran a stoplight because I lifted off the accelerator and was used to not using the brakes to stop the car. The electric drive is fun, and everyone that rides in my car notices how quiet the car is, and the acceleration is a surprise ( I like to floor it when they don't expect it ). ( :

    Loving the car EVERY time I drive it, and had it since August of last year.

  2. Nothing wrong with the seats so far. Not sure what people would complain about.
    They seem comfortable. And they look pretty nice too.

  3. I like the seats in terms of comfort, but there is a hard edge on the side that I feel when I get in and out of the car. I don't feel it while sitting. I can see how some others might not like how narrow the seats are.

    Would I have chosen those seats if I where in the design process of the Bolt? No. But only because GM has nice seats in other small cars / SUV’s. Buick Encore seats with power adjustments would be nice to have…

    Vince, have you tried the one pedal driving like I described in the previous post?

  4. The one pedal driving is always great. I first tried it years ago on the BMW i3. Glad to see it in almost all EV models these days.

  5. Vince, how about a real-life charging scenario? If you can find a public charging station near a grocery store, your doctor's office, a gym, etc., and you leave the car charging for the amount of time you're not using it, is it worth it / do you actually get substantial range?

    Also, how would you compare the Golf EV you drove to the Bolt in terms of what the cars are actually like to drive and live with (not just range – obviously the Bolt wins there)?

  6. I wanted to test drive the Bolt. But when I walked into the Chevy dealership, they walked me over to a Volt. I explained that I wanted a "BOLT" and they attempted to tell me that they were essentially the same thing, only the Volt included a range extender engine like the i3. Either they don't know what they're doing, or they lied. Either way, the low-rent Chevy experience it made the Bolt a non-starter. Never did end up driving one.

    I was happy with my outgoing i3 and wanted at least the same level of professionalism at the dealership that I'd experienced with BMW. But I also needed an EV with over 200 miles of range, which BMW doesn't offer. So I ended up with a Model X.

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