Chinese made Cadillac XT4 coming up

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This looks like our US version. Except the Chinese badges of course. 
Production of the Chinese made XT4 will start in the fall. So far, for the Chinese market only.
Just like the XT5, also made in China for the local market. 
But who knows. We are already getting the Plug-in Hybrid version of the CT6 from China. 
I am sure GM is looking very seriously (like everyone else) at importing more models from China to the US. It must be so tempting…. Imagine all that money saved.
Since pretty much all US models sold in China are made over there, it  makes the recent Chinese government announcement of a “tariff reduction on foreign cars” pointless.
 It might just be a matter of time for most cars sold around the world to be imported from China. 

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  1. Blatant ripoff of Volvo's rear light treatment, except that it looks cheaper and less well-integrated, than Volvo's version.

    Typical GM: they think they are being clever by appropriating someone else's ideas, but it just makes them look like a knock-off.
    The ATS, CTS, and Cimaron were supposed to be BMW fighters! How did that work-out? No one would pay a fraction of BMW prices (with their own money).

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