How about even more picture of the RR Cullinan?

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Everything has pretty much been said by now.
About how ugly and vulgar this monstrosity is. 
So here is another “not flattering” angle. And a couple of live pictures of the monster.
Which will cost about $325 000 to start.
(So it could really go up to half a million or more.)
And for all that money you get…”ugly”.

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  1. Woah!! Those are amazingly unflattering images… looks like some odd rejected prototype… It doesn't have the special stuffy Rolls Royce chauffeur-me-weekdays, and drive-me-on-saturday-from-the-cottage-to-the-greens look about it at all.

  2. Finally, something that can handle the bumps and bruises of the gravel drive up to my Hamptons estate. I’m so tired of jerky rides in my Wraith every time I need to restock the Grey Poupon.

  3. Actual real photographs!! How refreshing and rare! Most "photos" these days are really just photoshop drawings.

    It's just as ugly in the real photo as it is in the drawings you already posted.

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