Mystery SUV…

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Not sure what this is…
It looks pretty big. So it could maybe be that new full size Hyundai SUV coming up. Or the Kia version?
Or even the upcoming Genesis UV?
But it does seem to be an EV. Some large EV SUV? (Testing with a Volvo XC90)
What do you think?

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  1. There are only two car manufacturers in the world that can build EV SUVs of that size: Hyundai/Kia and Toyota. But the design looks to be of the Lincoln which has had a long history of licencing Hybrid/EV technologies from Toyota.

  2. The grill looks almost Chrysler-ish, even though word about any new Chrysler products is as nonexistent as actual new products themselves. Regardless of whose it is, I applaud a design with windows big enough to actually see out of.

  3. If it is a Hyundai, Kia or Genesis SUV, the front end doesn't match any of those brands current design language. Where were these photos taken? The front end design also doesn't match any German or Japanese brand available in the States, though there is the possibility it's something we can't (or won't) be getting here. With that being said, it doesn't look like a Ford or Lincoln, either. That grill motif almost looks like the winged Buick design, but with the round Buick logo removed (for obvious reasons). If Chrysler had anything in the pipeline, I'd say it might be one of theirs, but they got nothing.

  4. Somebody mentioned the Jaguar J-Pace, but spy photos have already been released, and this is not it, even though the grill is quite Jaguar-like. Is Jaguar planning something even bigger? As far as it being the upcoming Aviator, if it is the Aviator, Lincoln made considerable changes to the production model compared to the concept.

  5. Styling cues of multiple brands + genetic/amateurish design + Chinese characters on street sign = Chinese automaker

  6. Lincoln has stated that their Aviator concept is basically the production model with the exception of a few details, like the outside mirrors. Whatever this SUV is, it’s different enough from the Aviator concept to confirm it’s not the production Aviator.

  7. Based on existing spy photos of the upcoming Kia Telluride and Hyundai “Palisade”, this mystery SUV is neither of them. And unless Genesis and Geely have made drastic changes to their current design language, you can count them out as well. The head-scratching continues…

  8. To anyone who thinks this is a Chrysler…huh?!

    Chrysler introduced their 'new car this decade' … their teams can now go on holiday for a while.

  9. Chrysler full size crossover to go against the Traverse, Pilot, Explorer, Pathfinder and Ascent?

  10. The grille is very similar to the Kia Sorento and I read they were preparing a 8 passenger vehicle to compete with Tahoe and Expedition

  11. Some here call it the Lincoln Aviator. It's not. Others point out it's Chinese. Judging by the sign, it is. Doing the math, it's probably just another unimaginative Chinese knock-off, this time of the Lincoln Aviator.

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